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We have about 134 billionaires and 111,000 millionaires in the US. Stats are hard to find and decipher so, take these figures as estimates. In the last year the top 400 richest people in the US increased their net worth 40% to 4.7 trillion dollars. The average net worth of this 400 is 10 billion.

It’s a great country where you can accumulate a million or a billion dollars. But, how much of this accumulation have you used to make the US a better place to live? Doesn’t giving back to the country that made your extreme wealth possible, seem like a good idea?

Paying taxes is the way most people and corporations give to our government. However, it’s not enough. As the richest people in our country get richer, the US goes deeper and deeper into debt.

The Repubs solution to this ever-increasing debt, is to lower taxes to the rich and take Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare away from the rest of us. All of us less than rich people are costing the country to much money.

‘A Fair Way To Tax’, a no loophole plan that treats everybody equally will be on this website in the next few weeks..

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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