Is It Fair

Painting by Ann

This is a painting by Ann. It’s calming and memorable, which I need when I’m dealing with taxes.

I have two questions about taxation. Are the taxes enough to pay the bills and is everyone taxed fairly? The answer to both questions is NO. Evey year our US government collects less than in needs to pay it’s debts and pay for the programs it is currently running. It then borrows money to pay for the excess debt and programs. These are costs that the US has promised to pay, using the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to guarantee payment. The United States has never failed to pay it’s debts. Every month the Social Security payments come into my bank account. My Medicare helps pay for my health care. Every day I worked I paid into these programs and I have earned the benefits I’m receiving.

Is the way we are currently taxed fair? No. When Billionaires pay little or nothing and people who don’t make enough to live on pay something, things are really screwed up. There will be my proposal of ‘A Fair Way To Tax’ coming on this site in the next few weeks. Stick around and read it.

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By Bill

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