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It’s About Money

This is a picture of what drives politics. Money. This is what drives our government, and the people we elect to run it. On every level, town, city, county, state and federal, it’s all about money. How much do we get and how do we spend it are the questions at every level. How much we get is dependent on how we are taxed. In the smallest town in the country things like fire, police protection and education depend on taxes. And, taxes on all levels come from the citizens of the united states. Taxes from small businesses and huge corporations are available because you buy their products and use their services. Without you there is no them. Even though you don’t often feel like it, you’re the boss. You vote for the people to represent you on all levels of government. You hope they represent what you want and try to spend your tax money to achieve your goals. For a lot of people it doesn’t seem like it. Then we have the parties, the Repubs and the Demos. Whichever party has the most Senators and Representatives in the government gets their way and the other party is left out. So, a lot of people don’t like the way their taxes are being spent. When the two parties are divided and miles apart on spending issues, we have what we have today, a government that is not working on all cylinders.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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