Paying Taxes

Yes, this is a Tesla roadster, and it will set you back 200 to 250 thousand dollars. I can’t afford one and most people that look at this post can’t either. Who can afford one, a millionaire?

If you earned enough to have a million dollars in taxable income, you would pay $370,000 in taxes. Your cost of living would be $72,000 for the year, leaving you with $46,500 a month left to spend. If you paid the Tesla off at $3500 a month, yes you could afford it. Cool.

According to statistics I found on the internet there are 22 million millionaires in the US. That’s a pretty good marked for a Tesla roadster.

Some facts:

1. The average cost of living for a family of four in the US is $63,000. 2. The median income in the US (Half the wage earners make more and half make less) is $57,000. 3. Before taxes a millionaire makes more in a month, $83,333, than over half the US workers make in a year.
So, what does this mean? I’m thinking about it.

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By Bill

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