A Cold Destination

I haven’t been writing much in the past few days spending my time getting ready for a 41-day cruise to the Antarctic. What we have done to get ready, planning, shopping, packing and repacking and generally getting our house ready for our really good friend to stay at our place and take care of our cat was really tiring and time consuming. Since we’re leaving on the 6th everything will get done. No choice.

There are two types of people, those who want to serve and govern and those who want to rule. Those who want to rule, with Trump as Dictator have taken over the House of Representatives and thrown it into chaos by ousting its speaker Kevin McCarthy. I feel somewhat sorry for him. He finally does the right thing and loses his job. He simply treated to many people badly to have anyone left to fight for him. Who can possibly get elected speaker, or would want to? I’ll be on a ship while all of this plays out. I’ll have to buy WiFi to keep up with all the coming events.

By Bill

A retired teacher

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