Better Times

This flag stands for freedom. Let’s not lose it.

January 22, 2024

In the past few weeks inflation declined and you can see the results in the grocery stores and at the gas pump. Prices are going down. An immediate result is Bidens approval rating is improving, up 12% according to the latest poles. The stock market hit a new high and that helped Biden to. People are earning more money and if you want to work there is a job for you. Not everything is rosy. It’s still very hard for teachers, nurses and people in the service areas to find a house they can afford in the cities where they work. Managing two wars is also causing problems and having the House be totally useless makes it hard to get anything down. In spite of this Biden and the Dems have kept the government from shutting down. It’s becoming quite apparent that the Repubs don’t want the government to work. If they were to regain the Senate and keep the house and have Big T as president the US would quickly go from a Democracy to a dictatorship ala Russia. Listen to what they are saying and believe them. You have the power to stop them. Vote

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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