Did yoy smile when you saw this picture? I did.

Quite a gathering. They seem to be sitting quietly and gazing at the photographer. How someone got them all together is a mystery. I would have liked to have that much control with my kids when I taught. Anyway, the picture made me smile. I find smiling a pleasant way to pass some time and maybe make someone who sees my smile try one on themselves. It’s the easiest thing to do. It takes fewer facial muscles than any other expression. Yet, I see so many people passing by who have a frown or a grimace or anger showing on their face. A smile and a kind word when a barista hands you a cup of coffee or when you check out of the supermarket or when you interact with any of the people who make your life better by providing a service, makes you feel better and hopefully they smile back and feel better to. Hey, take a chance. Try smiling for a whole day. See how it makes you feel.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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