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On the beach

Starting Again 1/19/24

41 days on a 700 foot long cruise ship, Oct 6th to Nov 16th. From Fort Lauderdale to Antarctica to Buenos Aries and back to Seattle, with many stops in between to visit South American cities and countries. Ten days on board with an infection and antibiotics. Two weeks at home to put up our Christmas tree. Off to Maui for ten days of sun and shaved ice. Another infection and 7 days of antibiotics. Christmas at home with family and friends with everything seeming OK. January 5, over a period of five hours an infection I had been harboring took over. A hard trip to urgent care, all kinds of tests, intravenous antibiotics, Medic One to Swedish First Hill and into the ICU. Later that night the doctors punched a hole in my back and put in a drain to get the poison out of my kidney area. 5 days in the ICU and 3 more in general care with intravenous antibiotics every 6 hours. Then home, where my WIFE and I continued infusing antibiotics every 6 hours. I could have died. Thank you Kaiser Permanente. The line for antibiotics was removed today.  The drain in my back will come out the 23rd after they take out the kidney stone that caused all of the problems. It’s been a hectic few months. My blog has been ignored. Hopefully that will change,

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