Thanks Friends

When I was sick I should have been here.

Nothing Like Friends


When we Started on our cruise we had a sitter for our cat Marley. We can’t board him as he stops eating, get constipated and ends up in the vets, costing us many dollars. On a short trip, 7 to 10 days, our neighbor Bob checks in a couple of times a day, feeds and plays with Marley, watches TV and eats all our chocolate caramels. He thinks this is a good deal and I don’t argue. However 41 days was way to much for Bob so we hired a friend to live in, $25 a day and WINE. Two weeks in she had a brain aneurism and started spending time not dying. Another friend a nurse, who saved our sitter, contacted us with the bad new and told us to keep cruising she’d work it out. Within three days our neighbors started volunteering to take care of Marley and the house. Marley and all of our plants survived. What a neighborhood we live in. Then when I got really sick there were our friends. Helping my wife get to the hospital, she can’t drive at night or in the rain or when it’s grey. Sticking there nose in to say high and smile. Putting out and bringing in the trash. And, just being concerned. I’m home now and getting offers of meals, help shopping and doing errands. I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve all of this but I am thankful for my friends.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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