We Rate Dogs

If you haven’t gotten a 2024 desk calendar yet, here is one you really need to consider. I got it last year as a Christmas present and enjoyed starting every day with a great dog with something witty to say. So, I have it again and can once again start my day with a smile. The smile, often lasts 10 or twenty minutes before I take a look at the news and realize that our country isn’t run by dogs, or even cats.

Our country still has a bunch of idiots in the house with a speaker that claims he has been appointed by GOD and a bunch of so called Repubs that have no idea what the word governing means. That they appeal to a group that is still fighting the civil war is mildly upsetting. What really bugs me, and you’ve heard this before, is their leader is the Donald, a total loser in both mind and spirit.

I’m going to publish this and then reread my desk calendar and be reminded that there is a dog out there that really has it together.

By Bill

A retired teacher

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