What I learned today

Did you know that you use eggs when making chocolate chip cookies? Biden’s margin in Georgia in 2020 was 11,799 votes. More people voted in the 2020 election than in any other presidential election. Hilary lost Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by about 89,000 votes. About .9% of the total votes. When your neighbor’s dog visits your house the area around your cat’s bowl become really clean. The day after two hours of pickle ball I’m really stiff and sour, especially my left knee. Time for a new one. Peru has a national rotisserie chicken day, Pollo A La Brasa, July 23rd. Missed it. After 30 days of sun a little rain is OK. A young lady I talked to asked me why I was going to Hawaii in December. Wouldn’t it be cold? I tried to explain about the Equator. Didn’t work. What did I learn? Your guess is as good as mine.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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