As far as I know our statue is still standing and liberty is still rampant in the United States. Although some seem to use their liberty to trash, threaten and take other people’s liberty away.

The Donald seems to be much closer to the edge of becoming totally incoherent and maniacal. Just today we found out that during his “presidency” he accepted millions from foreign governments, something that is totally prohibited by our constitution. It’s also what the House is claiming Biden did and what the Repubs are trying to impeach him for.

Under Joe, inflation is a thing of the past, interest rates are falling, there have been more jobs created than any other time in history and gas prices are falling.

I refuse to believe that the voters in the US would rather have a no idea ranter, insurrectionist, liar, etc. than someone who is working for and improving the lives of all of us everyday citizens. A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin and a dictator instead of a president. Come on people wake up!

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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