Years End

This is Antarctica! We spent 4 days cruising the fiords, seeing the animals that make Antarctica their home, and listening to the people who have studied Antarctica and live there for a large part of the year. There is no way you can understand what it is like unless you go there. The feeling I had when I stood at the ships rail and watched the coast slide by is indescribable and something I’ll never forget.

Some info you may want to know. Antarctica is larger than the United states.  The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 90 percent of Earth’s fresh water in 30 million cubic kilometers of iceIf all of the ice were to melt, it would raise global sea levels by almost 60 meters (200 ft). How much of the US is less than 200 feet above sea level?

I’ve basically been out of touch since October 6th when the cruise started and just today have felt like writing again. Even if nobody reads this, I get pleasure writing it. Think I’ll continue.

By Bill

A retired teacher

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