First Contact

Leaving Seattle and heading for Europe was a huge step. 11 hours in a plane with my knees talking to my chin was uncomfortable even for a 30-year-old. Fortunately we had reservations in an excellent Londen hotel. Easily one of our best accommodations of the trip. We saw Big Ben, the Tower of Londen and the crown jewels. We road the underground and the double decker busses. It was easy to get around London.  Finding a place to eat was the hardest thing we did. Decisions that were a snap in the US were a ‘good grief ‘ in London. High tea was an experience. The prime rib dinners in our hotel were remarkable.

We activated our Britrail passes and headed out. This started the shape of our 6 weeks. Pick a town, take the train there, stop in the tourist bureau for a room and settle in for a day or two. We got up into Scottland, where at first, we couldn’t understand their English, and managed to survive. We saw a bagpipe festival on the castle grounds and ate, drank and purchased on the shopping streets.  Somewhere on our journey I came down with a cough, It got to the point where a Doctor became necessary. Our current Scottish landlord pointed us to one just down the block. Knowing the costs in the states we were a little nervous. A check up and a prescription came to under $10. I got some really powerful stuff.

Then off to Dover to catch a ferry to Bergan Norway. One week down.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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