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This is a restaurant in Ireland. Ann and I have been fortunate and been able to travel to many places throughout our lives. Before I got married, I’d been to Mexico. Canada and most of the United States. My dad worked for the Milwaukee Road, and we got to ride the railroad throughout north America for free. A fantastic perk. Ann had limited travel, camping trips west with her folks.

Our first trip together was to Europe. We’d been married for 5 years and were both teaching for the Seattle schools. Ann decided we needed to spend a summer/six weeks traveling through Europe. We got a loan from the Teachers Credit Union to go. As Ann said, they can’t repossess a trip. We were young, got Brit rail and Eurorail passes and were off. That we came home still married was a major achievement. For the next few days, I’ll talk about our first trip.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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