The North Sea And Beyond

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After two weeks traveling around England and Scottland, We arrived at Newcastle to board a ship to Bergan Norway. It was an overnight trip and it started out across a peaceful sea. Ann and I had purchased what amounted to theater seats in the bow of the boat and were joined by a few others. I took a great big slug of my Scottish cough medicine and went to sleep. When I woke up the next morning I was the bows only occupant. I wandered out of the bow and immediately encountered a row of vile smelling pots outside the doors of the expensive suites. I found Ann on the foredeck where she had enjoyed a very rough night. She told me that doing jumping jacks in the wind and rain had proved a good way to pass the dark and stormy night. I had Scottish drugs to thank.

Bergan, as was all of Norway a beautiful place. It was our first encounter with people in a non-English speaking country. We activated our Eurail passes and started a month-long journey through Europe.

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