Desantis Saves The Day

Dorthey, in The Wizard of Oz, was obviously gay as was her dog Toto. You can be sure, because when she sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, she was obviously trying to convert young boys and girls to gayness. Fortunately, Desantis sees the danger in Rainbows and has passed a law prohibiting Rainbows from showing themselves in Florida skies. I’m not sure what the punishment will be if a Rainbow appears, but I’m sure it will be severe.

We can count on Desantis to continue his attacks on LBGT people, people of color, people who think, people who differ in any way from Desantis, who is the perfect American, one who everyone in the country should emulate. If you have stopped thinking then, join the Desantis crowd and welcome in our first dictator.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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