Just Threaten to or do it.

These are Nerf Guns for kids to play with.

A passenger in a car in a gas station got into an argument with another customer and was shot and killed. The driver drove away to get out of danger, stopped and called 911 but it was too late. A weather man has been receiving death threats for reporting on global warming. Shooting, death threats, these are daily occurrences. What is our country coming to?

Is the way to solve problems with threats and guns? We have Trump who daily attacks and threatens anyone who has a different opinion or opposes him in anyway. His followers, with no thought simply follow and do what he does, threaten and lie. Often, those who are slightly unbalanced take his message as one to actually shoot those that have different views, have other than white skin, have a different religion, or are in any way different from Trump. That anyone can consider him as a viable candidate for president of the US makes absolutely no sense. If you are a Trumpite spend some time looking at what he stands for. It has nothing to do with democracy.

By Bill

A retired teacher

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