More Castes

The statue of liberty is a little out of focus as is the US.

I am continuing to read Caste and it is frighting. Caste is describing the America that I grew up in. I had no idea of what was going on in the US to keep white people on top of the power pyramid. Caste describes how the Nazis used, laws passed in the US to keep people with dark skins subservient, to outline their plans for Germany. What Germany became under Hitler had its roots in American law. What was done to people of color to keep them from voting, swimming in community pools, drinking from water fountains and on and on, describes rule by terror perpetuated by white people. While things have changed somewhat in the past 60 years, the attitude of white at the top and people of color arranged in castes below them still exists in daily life. The acceptance of this CASTE system, using skin color to create the castes has a history dating back to slavery.

I’m having trouble accepting this. However, the evidence is there and has to be accepted, no matter how bitter the pill. Looking back on my past I can see evidence of this subjugation throughout my life. What can be done? Maby the answers are somewhere in the rest of the book.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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