No More Trump

No Picture of Trump


You look at the papers and magazines, the internet and the news feeds, or any way we communicate, and you see Trump. What has he done to receive this kind of national coverage? Nothing!!! He rants late at night about how unfair everything is. He proclaims that the president of the US should be able to do whatever he/she wants with no consequences, like Putin.  He interrupts court proceedings, calling the judge and opposing lawyers names. On and on, the same everyone is out to get me crap and not much if any info on what he would do as president. Sorry, he would definitely get even with every one who opposed him. He would pardon all of those righteous citizens who stormed and broke into the capitol building. He would round up all of those non white people who live in the US illegally and export them. He would make America great again. He has never  bothered to tell us what he means by that. Never anything about the economy, jobs, dealing with the two wars and other things that need attention. It’s poor me, poor me, poor me. Trumps speeches are normally incoherent. I personal think he is loosing it and will have a nervous break down before the election. Especially when the polls show Biden is taking t he lead. here are a lot of better, more interesting things to talk about. So, no more Trump. Hasta la vista baby.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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