On The Edge

Is this really the Donald on the end of bungee cord? I doubt it. But you have to admit he’s been living on the edge. He now has three indictments and he is looking at one or two more. Although he seems unaffected buy all these lawsuits, those close to him says he is more subdued when he is off stage.

I just read an article saying that contact or interaction with a dog can calm you down and make your day a relaxed and pleasant experience. Maybe Trump ought to get a dog. Really though, I don’t think he deserves one. Poles show, that interaction with Trump tend to turn your day to the dark side.

When my wife was teaching, she had a young man whose attitude and actions indicated that jail was a possibility. She offhandedly mentioned that hair products weren’t readily available in jail. Since his hair was his pride and joy he straightened up and hit the straight and narrow.

Thaink about it Trump, you probably can’t dye your hair in jail.

By Bill

A retired teacher

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