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So far Caste is a book that continually focuses on the terrible things Nazis did to Jews, upper class people did to lower class people in India and what white people did to people of color. They are terrible and, in some cases, went on for hundreds of years.

Do bad things happen daily? Of course. Do they happen more to people of color than white people? Mass shootings sometime target specific colors of people. Often, however, it’s random. The major police murders in the past few years have police targeting and murdering black men. We have an amazing number of threats targeting people that deal with voting. State legislatures are passing or trying to pass laws that give them the right to govern/change the results of elections to overthrow the will of the people. Laws are being passed that make it harder for people of color to vote.

Still, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Washington state is a state that at least tries to give every resident a safe place to live. A place where everyone gets to vote, has a chance for a good job and is accepted as the person they are. Are there people in the state that act in ways I disagree with? Yes. I hope we can talk out our differences and come to a conclusion we both can accept. As for the rest of the country, I hope we can turn away the Trumpites and continue to be a democracy.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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