Punish the Poor

A quiet day in a beautiful spot. All it takes is having a car, being able to afford the gas, and having the time to go there. There are many in this country who don’t have those things. There are others who could buy the whole mountain. That sucks.

Welfare queens and just get a job

The Repubs act as if anybody that needs help from the government is a lazy good for nothing who just isn’t trying to be self-sufficient. What the US needs to do, to save money, is get rid of all those terrible people who can’t make it in today’s society. Just cut all programs that aim to keep them from starving to death, stay healthy and give them hope for the future.

Let’s look at the Welfare queen. Due to lack of adequate birth control options she finds herself pregnant. The state she lives in has made abortions illegal. She has to depend on the state to provide a low level of medical care if she can’t afford a higher level of care. If she manages to have the baby she is faced with a very limited support system. She can’t afford day care for her baby, so working is not an option. There is also the stigma of being an unwed mother. She manages to get by with food stamps, Medicaid and other help provided by the US government, programs the Repubs want to cut.

We live in the wealthiest country in the world. We are surrounded by millionaires and billionaires. Corporation executives are paid millions of dollars a year and we can’t find the dollars to give a young lady a reasonable start in life. We need to stop blaming the poor for being poor and blame a society that seems to need less successful people to blame for it’s own failures and punish them.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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