What Are You Living For

Catch a wave and you’re living on top of the world.

Power, that’s all a great many members of our government care about. Thats what a huge portion of our company execs care about. They forget that there is more to life than making more money and getting reelected.

The majority of the people in the US just want to go into the weekend planning a summer BBQ or a trip to the beach. They don’t want to be worrying about where their next meal is coming from, or how they’re going to buy clothes for their children. They shouldn’t have to worry about what happens if they get sick. They simply want to ‘Catch a wave’.

What does it matter if a man loves a woman or another man? What business is it of yours if someone wants to dress in skirts or wear a jock strap:? Why shouldn’t we teach history that really happened? Why should you try to tell a person what to do with their bodies? None of this is the business of the government. Their job is to take care of the people. All of the people. Man was created in Gods image. So, regardless of sex, religion, make of car, amount of money, color of skin, and on and on, we all look like God. Our government needs to get to work taking care of its residents and quit being stupid.

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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