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‘A Fair Way To Tax’ is now available. Take a few minutes to read the new ideas and if you like them tell your friends to take a look.

Up next is the Electoral College. As it stands now, electing our president, is the only election I’m aware of where 1 person, 1 vote doesn’t apply. The 2000 and the 2016 presidential elections are two recent examples. Even though Hilary beat Donald by 2 million votes, she lost the election.

The second problem is, there are many states where your vote is pointless. All but two states give all their electoral votes to the states winner. If you’re a Demo in Mississippi or a Repo in Washington, its almost certain that your vote doesn’t matter if you’re voting for your parties’ choice.

The third problem is the total number of electoral votes and how they’re allotted. The total number of votes in the electoral college is 538. This was the number used in the 1964 election and has remained since then.

Why these are problems, what I would do to fix them and the effect of these changes on the last two elections, will show up, slowly, under ‘The Electoral College’ on this website.

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