It’s 1930 Again

Back To The 30’s

You wouldn’t want to be driving a 1930 roadster, except maybe on the weekends to show off a vintage car. You certainly wouldn’t want to deal with a doctor or dentist that only had 1930’s equipment, skills and knowledge. And what about communication? You get the idea. However, our method for electing a president was set in stone in 1929 and other than changing the way they decided how to allocate the remaining 385 electoral votes, hasn’t changed.  And the results have changed the United States.

In the 2000 election counting votes was delayed because there was a problem with some of the ballots. The supreme court decided the counting was taking too long and stopped the counting, giving Florida and the presidency to the Repos. The Dems won the popular vote.

 In 2016 we suffered from apathy. Clinton was supposed to be a shoo in and in three states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania some 87,000 votes gave the three states to Trump. If Clinton had won those states she would have been the president. Clinton won the popular vote by 2 million. In 2016, 55 million people voted.

In 2020 when Biden was running, 66 million people voted. Biden won by 7 million votes. The current Electoral College way of electing the president give unwarranted power to small states. More and more we are going to see Dems losing in spite winning the popular vote by millions. What to do. More to come.

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