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Another Washington election has come and gone. I don’t know who won but, that isn’t very important. It’s only a primary and the two top vote getters will run off in November. What is important is that less than 40% of the voter selected the people who will be in the finals. It’s probably less than 40%, the projection was 25%. 40% is the average of all the elections from the 2016 presidential election to the present.

YOU, I voted in every election, let 40% of the voters decide who is going to control your life. In smaller jurisdictions a group of crackpots can win because no one else bothers to vote. Think extreme right wing, I don’t want to say Repubs, because they don’t represent the Repubs I grew up with. It’s happening in Florida. I lived there for 4 years and it had it’s problems, but nothing like now, with Desantis in control.

We are presently living with our heads in the sand and if we don’t pull them out our Democracy will disappear..

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By Bill

A retired teacher

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